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A Look Back At Vintage Style Photos Of Helen Mirren

6. 1969
The star posed with her Royal Shakespeare colleague, Eric Porter, in a simple black sweater outside Heathrow Airport.

One Of Our Favorite Helen Mirren Quotes: "The longer your life, the more you have to remember, and I do have amazing memories. I feel particularly grateful that I’m in a happy marriage. I love my husband, I love being with him. He’s a nightmare, but he’s great, and I look forward to seeing him and miss him when he’s not there. Not that I can’t live without him, because I can. But that is a really nice part of my life, when I look back and think of what we’ve done together. Family in general, I think. It’s not any of my doing really, and the fact that I’m very close to my family is great," she told The Guardian.