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The Style Evolution Of Queen Rania Of Jordan

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September 24, 2015 - Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images North America more pics like this »
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Once in a rare while, we come across a celebrity who seems to possess the perfect combination of qualities: beauty and brains, an impeccable sense of style, wealth and status, and a compassionate heart for the less fortunate. Queen Rania is one of those people.

The Queen of Jordan spends her days attending important functions like fundraisers, global summits, and national celebrations in her country. From time to time, you'll also see her at movie premieres, award shows, royal gatherings, and fashion events like the Met Gala. Always, she's an elegant presence, possessing a regal bearing that shines through even in the simplest of looks.

Here, we follow the sartorial life of Jordan's beloved Queen. Keep reading to see more of her polished style.