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The Style Evolution Of Nicki Minaj

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April 30, 2017 - Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America more pics like this »
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Colorful, wild, shocking, over-the-top. All of these words describe Nicki Minaj's style, and yet they still seem like an understatement. For someone who dresses to elicit a reaction — a loud one — Nicki always leaves us at a loss for words!

Sporting all the colors of the rainbow from head to toe, in eclectic designs that defy description, Nicki has earned a sartorial reputation not unlike Lady Gaga's. But then she gave us a different kind of shock around 2013: she actually toned it down and began wearing simple black looks! Soon, her hair was back to its natural color, as well, after countless colorful incarnations.

We can't deny it was a refreshing change, but we also loved it when, around 2015, the old Nicki began to reemerge in glitzy, racy, show-stopping looks. As you can see, her style evolution has been one helluva roller coaster ride. Follow her various transformations here.