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Cara Delevingne is a sartorial paradox. For someone who loves to dress down, she's so good at getting glam!

If you run into her on the streets of New York or London, she'd most likely be in a baggy jacket, sweatpants, and high-top sneakers — hardly what you'd expect a fashion model-turned-movie actress would wear in public. But when it's time to hit the red carpet, she sure cleans up well.

At movie premieres, awards shows, and the Met Gala, the former Burberry muse is always a walking fashion statement. She often favors black but is never, ever boring. Style-wise, she's always got a surprise up her sleeve, whether it's athleisure at a formal event, a quirky accessory, or a shaved and painted head. Needless to say, any red carpet becomes so much more spectacular when she's on it! Read on to see her evolution.