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The Most Unforgettable Oscar Dresses Of The Century

Angelina Jolie, 2004
Actress Angelina Jolie prefers to wear dresses that show off her many and varied tattoos, so this ice white Marc Bouwer gown seemed like the perfect fit. Jolie's fans noted that the dress was a little sheer in the bust when she took to the stage to present an award. Whoops!

Jolie and Bouwer have a standing relationship when it comes to her red carpet looks. This 2004 Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress wasn't the first time that the actress wore a Bouwer creation. In 2000 Jolie snatched an Oscar for her role in Girl, Interrupted, and wore a goth-y, Morticia Addams-like Bouwer gown for the occasion. 

Fast-forward a few years and Jolie was once again making waves in a white satin Bouwer look. The dress was such a hit that there is even a Wikipedia page for it, cementing it in pop culture history. Part of the reason why it was so popular among critics was that the satin material is notoriously known as unforgiving and hard to wear. Since Jolie pulled it off flawlessly — and channeled Old Hollywood charm akin to Jean Harlow while doing it — the dress became immortalized. So much so that when InStyle shot an article entitled "Iconic: 25 Unforgettable Dresses" for its 25th anniversary issue, this was one of the pieces featured.