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The Most Unforgettable Oscar Dresses Of The Century

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Anne Hathaway, 2008
Anne Hathaway's fair skin looked so luminous in her bright red asymmetrical gown by Marchesa. The goddess-like dress had a rose detailed strap, and Hathaway accented it with diamonds from Harry Winston. The designer, Georgina Chapman, told InStyle, "Annie picked the dress herself. No stylists or changes later. Because we didn’t want anything to take away from the sweep of the flowers against her gorgeous skin, we selected delicate Harry Winston diamonds for her to wear. I went over to see her that morning and dressed her myself, following her out the door with the steamer!" 

Hathaway confirmed that the dress was love at first sight. She said when she saw the red number, she knew she had to wear it. "My go-to color is red. It's powerful and energizing. When I saw this dress, I said, 'That's heaven.'"

But Hathaway wasn't the only Marchesa-clad actress on the red carpet that night. A pregnant Jessica Alba also wore a plum colored Marchesa gown and Cartier diamonds. "Jessica was pregnant, so we redid her gown to minimize the bump, but not in a way that looked like we were trying to hide it. We raised the waist, expanded the bust, took off flowers and added just enough feathers to cover the area. I was rearranging them until the night before," Chapman told InStyle.

Though Marchesa was the mastermind behind both looks, the actresses still looked unique and distinct.