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StyleBistro Book Club 2014

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St. Martin's Press, Urban Outfitters
1. July 2014: Kristina Rodulfo, Associate Editor
Landline by Rainbow Rowell ($25, from St. Martin's Press)

Suspend disbelief for this summer read about a TV comedy writer, Georgie McCool, and her not-so-funny troublesome marriage. There's a magic rotary phone. She uses this phone to speak to her husband, Neal, back in time, right before he proposed in 1999. An explanation for this magic phone never happens. Nonetheless, you're left charmed by the relatable characters, funny dialogue and raw love. It begins when Georgie decides to spend a Christmas apart from her husband and two daughters to take advantage of an offer to write her dream television series. A lack of (real-time) communication threatens Georgie's college-sweetheart romance and she is left reminiscing about their beginnings. She wears Neal's old Metallica shirt for several days straight during all of the story's action—almost the entire book. When I picture Georgie McCool, all I can see is her in a writers' room lounging in the old band tee, sleep-deprived and helplessly in love.

Metallica Tee, $44, at