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StyleBistro Book Club 2014

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30. November 2014: Caitlin Miller, Senior Associate Beauty Editor
Texts From Jane Eyre and Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters by Mallory Ortberg ($16, from Henry Holt)

For anyone who can quote The Great Gatsby at the drop of a hat or who knows all of the Bennet sisters' love conquests by heart, Texts From Jane Eyre is quite possibly the answer to a true bookworm's prayers. Thanks to the creative imagination of author Mallory Ortberg, some of the greatest literary characters and authors come to life via text messages. The awkward confrontations and conversations between characters are reimagined through Ortberg's highly entertaining musings of their digital messaging. Imagine Daisy Buchanan texting while driving, Scarlett O'Hara sending Ashley ten "R U there?" texts, Marius sending the eloquent "Hey babe, Cosette, babe," greeting and my personal favorite exchange, Peeta texting Katniss his brilliant name for a bakery—"The Hunger Grains." Not only does this book entertain from cover to cover, but it examines some of the most legendary characters and zeroes in on their faults and quirks, which are only enhanced with their texting—or lack thereof—skills. While flipping through the pages of this catalog of clever messages, I was inspired to combine tech and literature in my everyday life. And what better way to do so than with a phone case that pays homage to one of the greatest writers (but worst texters) of our time: Edgar Allan Poe. (Seriously, he keeps texting something about a bird and a heart beating from the floor. Creepy.)

Out of Print Poe-ka Dots iPhone case, $25, at