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StyleBistro Book Club 2014

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38. December 2014: Ann Brady, Executive Editor
The Kennedy Wives by Amy Hunt and David Batcher ($20, from Lyons Press)

There have been many books written about the Kennedy’s and—even more so—the women that loved them. Even though the wives married into the family, they all happen to possess similar characteristics that seamlessly blend into the Camelot mystique. Authors Amber Hunt and David Batcher explore this uncanniness in greater depth. The women were smart, well-dressed, well-spoken, bold and, most of all, private. All of these attributes made the women mysterious to the outside world and in later years, iconic. I can envision all of the Kennedy wives wearing Chanel No. 5—an iconic fragrance that embodies their same traits.

Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum, $130, at Chanel