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Mariah Carey Hair - All the Secrets to Her Iconic Color

Tip #1: "Don't Wear Makeup"

As you can see from Georgia's "before" shot, she had dark box-dyed hair—a product of being locked indoors during October's Hurricane Sandy—with grown-out roots a little lighter at the top. She also, in anticipation of having her face plastered on the Interwebs, layered on some foundation, punchy blush, and bright lip gloss.

According to White, that's a major no-no. Oops.

He let us in on this little (but huge!) secret: "Skin tone is the number one most important thing to consider when getting your hair colored," he said. "So you should never, ever wear makeup to the salon. Trust me, your colorist won't judge you, but he or she might if you do."