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8. Her Black Dress
Kate looked simply elegant in a sleeveless black tweed dress by Alexander McQueen while attending a reception at the British Embassy in Paris.

However, it's common for royals to wear black ensembles solely for somber occasions. Kate, however, has been spotted in stylish black outfits on multiple occasions.

When it comes to royal women, black is often reserved for periods of mourning. In fact, all royals are required to travel with an all-black outfit, on the off-chance that an unexpected death happens. This rule was put into place after Queen Elizabeth had to rush back from Kenya in 1952 after her father, King George VI, died. When she arrived in London, she had to wait in the plane for a couple of hours because she didn't have a black outfit, and one of her aids had to rush to Kensington Palace to get one. It wouldn't look proper for the princess to disembark the plane in a colorful floral dress during such a grave time.

Considering that, princesses and duchesses very rarely wear black outfits. They also prefer to wear colorful, bright pieces because it's easier to spot them in massive crowds. If there are thousands of people lined up to meet the royal family, the women often try to wear brighter pieces so it's easier to see them in the middle of the chaos.