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Independent Spirit Awards 2013 - Best & Worst Dressed

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America
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The fashion at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards was definitely, um, more independent—that is, relative to the floor-length ballgowns that are de rigeur on red carpets at more staid, formal awards ceremonies.

At the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards there were bold stripes (Zoe Saldana), delicate florals (Kerry Washington), LBDs (Jennifer Lawrence) and a whole host of other fashion statements—including jeans (guess who!), floppy cardigans, slogan shorts, and more.

Get your fashion fix—right before the Oscars!—right here in our slideshow. Did your favorite celebrity make the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards Best & Worst Dressed list? Click through to find out.