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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Petite Celebrities

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Mike Windle/Getty Images North America
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If you're 5'4"-and-under then you know that styling your smaller-than-average frame can have its difficulties. Whether it's finding a certain shoe that will elongate your legs or wearing the right type of jeans to show off your waistline, short girls of all shapes and sizes know the struggle can be real. 

Lucky for us, there are a handful of impeccably dressed leading ladies in Hollywood who fall under the petite category. From Vanessa Hudgens' uber-chic street style to Reese Witherspoon's spot-on red carpet looks, these celebs never run short (pun intended) on offering endless style inspiration.  

Click ahead to see the petite celebs who embrace their figures- and see how you can follow in their (stiletto-wearing) footsteps.