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16 Fearless Celebs Who Dress For Themselves

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Fashion, above all, should be about having fun with clothes and feeling confident in what you're wearing. Instead of trying to stay on top of trends or follow the "rules" of fashion, you should wear what makes you happy and what you feel good in. Sometimes, that's easier said than done, though.

That's where these inspiring celebrities come in. From Zoe Kravitz to Sarah Jessica Parker, these stars show us how it's done. They're the epitome of taking fashion and making it their own based on their unique style.

Being daring, fearless, and having fun with your wardrobe is one way you can practice self love- so go ahead, dare to defy fashion standards like these fab stars. (Okay, maybe you won't have an epic red carpet moment for an SJP-style headdress, but you get the idea.)