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Nowadays, it's a rare thing to see a successful model not make the transition from the runway to the big screen. Leading ladies such as Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton are just some of the names that have seamlessly switched to acting. A handful of models have even mastered the craft so early on that it's hard to forget it wasn't their first career. 

In fact, some A-list models-turned-actresses were so talented in their films that they went on to win highly acclaimed awards for their performances. Former models such as Diane Kruger (Best Actress at Cannes in 2017), Charlize Theron (Best Actress at the Oscars in 2004), and Halle Berry (Best Actress at the Oscars in 2002) are a few former models who were praised for their work on the silver screen.

Take a look at the high-profile supermodels who made the jump to acting — and see if they've starred in some of your favorite films.