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Early Noughties Celeb Outfits We Would Still Wear Today

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When we think of the fashion from the early 2000s, "chic" isn't exactly what comes to mind. From low-rise jeans to bubble skirts and Juicy Couture tracksuits (RIP our wallets), there was a lot going on in the early aughts. 

Trends aside, we have to admit there were a few looks from the noughties we would recreate in a heartbeat. And thanks to a few of our favorite celebs and their timeless style, we can fawn over the effortless outfits they donned as fresh-faced stars. 

Rachel Bilson's boho-romantic dress was practically made for an Instagram OOTD, while Keira Knightley was ahead of the sartorial game with her check dress. Read on to see our roundup of celeb outfits we would copy from the 2000s — and see if you would wear them too.