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Do It Yourself - How to Get Hollywood's Best Hairstyles at Home

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Michelle Trachtenberg's Teased and Tousled Bun

Michelle Trachtenberg's backcombed bun has got to be the easiest updo to recreate and it works for a wide variety of hair lengths and textures. If your hair is shorter, simply backcomb a little more to create lots of volume. To duplicate Michelle's style, begin by brushing out hair and pulling it up into a high ponytail. Use a lot of tension and secure tresses with a hair elastic. Use a natural bristle brush to make quick work of backcombing the ponytail and blast with a little hairspray for more staying power. Next, loosely twist the backcombed ponytail and wind it around the hair elastic using light tension. Expand the bun by tugging on it and then secure with u-shaped hair pins. To finish, mist the entire 'do with more hairspray.