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Amber Heard's French Braid-Meets-Bun

Amber Heard's interesting updo can be broken down into two different elements. First, the section from the front hairline through the crown is styled like a large French braid with only the first two sections overlapping. In the back, all tresses have been incorporated and wrapped into a bun. Looking at it this way may help following the styling steps more easily.
1. To begin, backcomb a three inch section along the front hairline and smooth into a pompadour.
Next, take a section of hair from the top of the head to about two inches above the ears. The section will also include the pompadour and extend back about two inches. Break the section into three segments and begin the braiding process, stopping after the first two pieces have been crossed, then clip to keep secure while the other hair is styled. 
3. Pull all of the hair not included in the top section into a tight ponytail and secure it in the middle of the back of the head, twist the ponytail and wrap it into a bun.
4. The top section can then be twisted together and wrapped around the bun and pinned into place with u-shaped hair pins. The final step is a good spritzing of hairspray.