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Classy And Simple Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

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Isabella Rossellini's Flipped Hair
Isabella Rossellini attended the premiere of her TV series, Shut Eye, in December 2016 wearing a short side-parted 'do with flipped ends. Can we just gush over how gorgeous she looked at 64?

The actress/model has always sported short hair and in a 2018 interview with PopSugar, she explained why. "So my hair is incredibly fine. And when I try to grow it long, it falls flat. And I have to put a lot of product, and rollers, and all of that. But I want a routine that I can do every day that doesn't take a long time. So I thought that short hair would better accommodate the nature of my hair, because if I have a good haircut, I don't need to put in a lot of products."