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23 Celeb Outfits You Can Copy with Clothing You Already Own

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Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe
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Your closet is full of stylish outfits you never knew existed. Although you may feel like you've run out of ways to update your wardrobe, the key is to remember that it's all about how you style your staples.

Finding the inspiration to spark those winning looks can be a struggle though, so to help you reinvigorate your wardrobe, we've gathered looks from our favorite celebs that you can easily recreate with the garments already in your closet.

While you may not own the exact pieces the style-savvy stars own, chances are that you have something similar in your wardrobe. From casual chic basics to put-together ensembles, we've rounded up a list of effortless outfit ideas that you can try immediately. 

Click through for some serious outfit goals and inspiration that will make your wardrobe feel fresh again.