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The Most Beautiful Women Over 60

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December 11, 2015 - Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images AsiaPac more pics like this »
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12. Oprah Winfrey
Birthday: January 29, 1954

Oprah may not have coined the phrase "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss," but she has certainly embodied its inspiring spirit for decades.

"It is a milestone [turning 65]. It's an interesting thing.. Gayle was saying, 'Are you feeling some kind of way?' I go, yeah actually, I am feeling some kind of way because it's the number of which the United States government has said you're officially old. When I was 25 I thought I had to say yes to everything anybody asked me to. The wonderful thing about being 65 is you do exactly what you want to do," she told ET.

Fun Fact: Oprah listed Mented Cosmetics' Lipstick as one of her favorite things in her annual beauty roundup