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2019 Makeup Trends The Stars Will Obsess Over

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When it comes to spotting makeup trends, Fashion Month is the time of year where beauty lovers get an exclusive peek into what to expect for next year's go-to looks and wearable hues. Designers collaborate with makeup artists to create stories on the runway with their intricate, detailed looks, setting the tone for what's going to be seen everywhere come spring. And these 2019 makeup trends are no exception.

Just as A-list celebs look to the runways for fashionable creations to wear for upcoming premieres and awards season, they've also been known to stay ahead of the beauty curve by incorporating the ultra-chic makeup looks models don on the catwalk into their own beauty aesthetic. 

While the makeup seen during Fashion Month — New York Fashion Week in particular — can often be muted and neutral, that wasn't the case on the spring 2019 runways. From Paris to London to Milan, designers sent a host of models down the runway in looks that ranged from fairytale-inspired blush and lip combos to dramatic and smoky eyeshadows.

So, what exactly are these 2019 makeup trends stars — and you — will undoubtedly be coveting, you ask? Colorful and vibrant eyeshadows were seen at Versace, Missoni, and Valentino. Experimental looks that focused on a matchy-matchy vibe showed up at Marc Jacobs while no-makeup makeup stole the show at Prabal Gurung.

With the number of 2019 makeup trends seen on the runways, you'll have no trouble choosing from a range of looks to satisfy your beauty mood of the day. We get it, just as we like to switch up the vibe of our outfits on any given day, our makeup also changes from time to time depending how we feel. If you're ready to get inspired and reach your #beautygoals, read on to see the top 2019 makeup trends that will dominate the red carpet (and your beauty regimen) next season.