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All Talk Shows Clips (Recently Added)
Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Margot Robbie On Crafting Their Characters in 'Z for Zachariah'
Alexander Skarsgard Says 'Diary' Is Refereshingly Real
Wiig Believes Alexander Skarsgard Impresses in 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'
Keanu Reeves Reveals Secrets of 'Knock Knock'
Eli Roth On Casting Keanu and the Tantalizing Nature of Temptation
Kathryn Hahn Will Return for Second Season of 'Transparent'
James Marsden On Fame, Privacy Seems Endangered These Days
Archer Cast On Ditching the Name ‘ISIS’
Ellen Helps Timothy Olyphant Get a Job
Time for a Vacation
More Awesome Videos On Ellentube!
Kevin the Cashier Goes to Target
Ellen’s Got a New Show!
Pull up Dancer Marisa Inda
James Marsden Says Tye Sheridan Is a Perfect Fit to Play Cyclops
'Transparent's' Jeffrey Tambor Wants to Do Right by the Transgender Community in Next Season
Jack Black Says New Tenacious D Album Is On Its Way
Taraji P. Henson Calls Empire a Dynasty-Sopranos-Glee Hybrid
Ryan Seacrest Was Shocked "Ew!" Made the Top 40
Michael Strahan Gets Under Ryan Seacrest's Skin
Ryan Seacrest Says Jimmy Has an American Idol Twin
Jimmy Almost Got Taraji P. Henson to Pick up His Tab
Charades With Ryan Seacrest and Taraji P. Henson
Maddie & Tae: Fly
Abercrombie Ages Badly, ESPN Analyst Tweets Porn
President Obama's Superpower, SkyMall Is Bankrupt
Thank You Notes: Pizza Study, Jiffy Pop
Thomas Middleditch Teases More Phallic Humor in 'Silicon Valley' Season Two
Strange Magic
"I Had to Fight With... Directors" Says Olivia Munn
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