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All Documentary/Bio Clips (Recently Added)
Ai Weiwei Launches Brooklyn Show from Afar
Mitchell and Yummy Go to a Yard Sale
Mike and Frank Check Out an Old School House
Mike and Frank Pick Through a Barn
Tori's Parents Try to Help Her
Teryn Shuts Down Chad's Proposal
Taylor's Dad Tells Her He Is Very Sick
T. Rex Arrives in Washington, D.C.
Jeremy and David Fight
Dusty Detonates an Ant Hill
Rick Tries to Hook a Ladder
Peruvian Gold Exhibit in Washington, D.C.
Megan Too Hot to Handle
Tori Dances for the Lord
Megan Is Judged On Her Outfit
Walter Picks Up Tony's Old Car
Jason Builds a Filtration System
David Descends a Stone Slope
BioBlitz Finds 2,300+ Species in Golden Gate Parks
Mike Shows His Love for Antiques
The Pickers Buy Plaster Corbels
Mike Finds an Antique Sprayer
Jane Goodall: A Birthday Tribute
Mike Negotiates for an Antique Car
Exploring Mars in Utah
Megan and Zac Have a Heart to Heart
Taylor Being Disobedient and Clashing Heads
Yummy and Mitch Negotiate With John
Baby Bump and Dirty Looks
The Team Is Pushed to the Limit
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