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All Documentary/Bio Clips (Recently Added)
Ricochet Hill
Danger Around Every Corner
Moving Forward
In Between Songs
Jimmy Carter, Peanut Farmer
Mike Tyson Bites Off Evander Holyfield's Ear
Jackie Robinson: Segregation and the Military
Serena Williams: Outrage During 2009 US Open
Danielle Makes Her Case to Go Picking
Picking from a Plethora of Antique Signs
Houdini Escapes the Water Chamber
Houdini No Longer a Common Magician
Houdini Makes a Wish Come True
Houdini Asks Bess to Marry Him
Harry Houdini Passes Away
Jim's Role in Houdini's Act
Houdini Gets Punched
Houdini Says Good Bye to His Mother
Houdini Was a Fearless Man
Houdini Makes an Elephant Disappear
Harry's Ambition Affects His Marriage
Houdini's Greatest Escape
Mr. Angel
Gold Miners
Sneak Peek: Episode 1
Sneak Peek: Episode 2
Sneak Peek: Episode 3
Only Frank Can Fit in a Hot Rod Truck
Mike and Frank Drive a Piece of Art
Not Just Another Ice Road
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