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Asian American Doll
Saturday Night Line: SNL's Vanessa Bayer Helps Fans Write Holiday Postcards
Saturday Night Line: SNL Fans Answer One Direction Trivia
Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open
Girlfriends Talk Show With Amy Adams and One Direction
Weekend Update: Kim Jong-Un
One Direction: Night Changes
One Direction: Ready to Run
Amy Adams Christmas Monologue
Weekend Update: Willie, Michael's Neighbor
Cat Rescue Commercial
Singing Sisters
A Very Cuban Christmas
Office Christmas Party
Weekend Update: Garth & Kat Sing Hanukkah Songs
Weekend Update: Dec 20, 2014, Part 1
Christmas Serial
Weekend Update: Dec 20, 2014, Part 2
Fernando Regresó Para Reconquistar el Amor de Ana
Fernando y Ángel Salvaron a Soledad de Isabela
What Caused This Mysterious Square-Shaped Fire?
Rapid Refresh: Just Woke Up, Who Dis?
Scary Christmas: A Sax Symbol & A Puffy Jacket
Daily/Colbert: the Colbert Report Finale
Chris Rock
Protesting All the Way
The Silence of the Film
Recap: Week of Dec 15, 2014
Thu, Dec 18, 2014 in :60 Seconds
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