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All Action Clips (Recently Added)
Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen
The Man Under the Hood
Double Double Cross
Recap: Blood Eagle
Ragnar Oversees the Affairs of His People
Ragnar's Mysterious New Ally Is Revealed
Season Finale: Restitution
Welcome Home
The Rosies
Recap: Unforgiven
Ragnar Sentences Jarl Borg for His Betrayal
King Ecbert Discusses Paganism With Athelstan
Privateer: $50M to Invest in Pot Industry
2016: the End of Pot Prohibition
The Yelp for the Marijuana Industry
Pot As Medicine: THC vs CBD
Marijuana Investing: How to Make Money
Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol vs Little Marijuana
Next On: Starvation
What Limitations Will Be Put On Care?
Creating Incentives for New Therapeutics
The Culture of Health: Social Determinants of Wellness
Changing Opinions On the Affordable Care Act
Ezekiel Emanuel: The End of Insurance Companies
The Changing Direction of Opioid Addiction
The Most Exciting Time in Medical History
Livestrong's Hate Mail for Supporting Obamacare
Twitter Is an Essential Tool for Public Health Advocates
Lagertha and Bjorn Are Welcomed Home
Athelstan Sways King Ecbert's Decision
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