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Long before Beyonce was even a twinkle in her daddy's eye, another diva was already slaying the music and fashion worlds. With a career spanning six decades, Diana Ross has sported just about every look imaginable, from mod dresses with a '60s bouffant to decadent ballgowns with her iconic curls.

Diana is the total package. Not only is she blessed with a silken voice, good looks, a megawatt smile, and a lithe figure, but she's also trained in fashion design and cosmetology. She was the lead singer of the Supremes and on top of that, she created clothes for the group and did their hair and makeup. Whenever she steps on the red carpet or onstage, it's hard to believe her ensembles aren't the handiwork of a stylist — they're all hers! How does the diva of all divas even find the time and energy to put together such over-the-top looks?

From her talent to her beauty and her look-at-me style, Diana is one supremely amazing woman! Follow her fashion evolution here.