Coachella 101: What to Expect at the Festival - Day 2

Photos by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro

Welcome back to the Coachella diaries! You'll be happy to know, if attending Coachella happens to be on your bucket list, that day two of the festival was, somehow, even more enthralling than the first. I'll admit, after a full 12 hours of raging in the desert the day prior, I was kind of (just an eensie bit) worried the glamour of the whole thing would wear off, but then I met Kellan Lutz (!!!) so party on.

But before I tell you about how ginormous his muscles are, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

After a morning of primping at the Free People house, thanks to a surprise visit from Drybar, we threw on some oversized tees and maxi skirts — flowy is key, I've learned, to combating this blistering heat. And to think I packed Spanx, ha! — and headed to Indio. Here's a look at what we wore.

Can we stop and talk about Natalie's loafers for a moment? Not only were they given to her by her boyfriend, her boyfriend made them. He made her shoes, people! He's the co-founder of Modern Vice. Um, BF of the year? I think so...

Instead of heading straight to the shows, we decided to make a short pitstop into hardcore fan territory — the camping grounds. It's just fields on fields full of cars and tents like these.

Each section is marked off with street signs (clever, no?), so you won't get lost in the sea of makeshift shelters — well, pending your flip cup skills, that is.

Look who we found along the way, it's the Threadsence tailgate! I've been a long-time fan of the Indie brand since my college days, so it was quite the exciting happenstance.

We stayed and chilled with the crew, watched some beer pong action go down, and threw back a shot or two. (Hey, I mean, when at Coachella...)

Oh, the ferris wheel. This sight will never get old.

Considering I barely made a dent in exploring the grounds the day before, I made it a mission to pop into some of the on-site tents yesterday, like the Fruttare bungalow, below.

And you'll NEVER guess who I saw there. Okay, you can probably guess since I already told you. Look, it's Kellan Lutz from Twilight — and Kellan Lutz's massive guns! Look at those things, yowza.

But in all realness, he was incredibly charming and quite the gentleman — he greeted me with a hug and European kiss on the cheek! (Yes, I nearly fainted.) We chit-chatted about his love for California — and California girls, hear that, ladies? — for a few minutes, then I trekked off toward the H&M Loves Music tent.

The view inside:

They had a photo booth that converted your snaps into GIFs.

Which you could send to yourself using one of these iPads mounted on the wall.

Here's a bartender for lemon water. (Remember how drinks are only served inside those insanely guarded fenced-off sections? Yup.)

Spotted: Touch-up supplies! MAJOR.

And because who doesn't love a good GIF, here's the entire scene in live-action GIF form:

A few other highlights of the night?

The crowd at Major Lazer was ba-na-nas.

The giant snail I told you about yesterday made another appearance.

The sunset.

Dancing in the sunset.

Perhaps the best thing about the sun going down, though? It's the perfect time to celeb spot. They mosey right along in the crowd, undetected by untrained eyes, with the rest of us subhuman concert-goers. On the first day, I spotted Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio getting down to some jams. And yesterday, Vanessa Hudgens and her BF Austin Butler were there, right next to me, at The XX.

We probably never would have noticed them if it weren't for that giant 3-foot-tall glow-in-the-dark flower in Austin's hand. Just sayin...

There you have it! All the excitement from Day 2: Live at Coachella. Don't forget to follow me along today, the last day (super sad face), on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #fpfestival.

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