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Rebecca Minkoff's luxe leather handbags have become a celebrity staple: They've been spotted on the arms of Whitney Port, Rachel Bilson and just about every woman with a role on a CW television series. To help us celebrate the launch of StyleBistro, Rebecca shared her thoughts on celebrity designers, her own fall wardrobe and what she keeps in her highly covetable handbags. Here are a few of the highlights from our chat:

SB: What's in your own handbag right now?
I have my Chapstick— which is the best; the original; not with the menthol, not with the sunscreen, just the black one—my Stila lipgloss—it’s clearish nude (I don’t really do lipstick well or color so I try to stick to just a little bit of shine—my keys and my wallet. And it’s too hot right now to carry anything else. SB: Who are your favorite designers?
I love Riccardo Tisci, who’s doing Givenchy. Stella McCartney, I think she always makes beautiful clothing that looks good on so many women. I used to be, I just love what Alexander Mcqueen did—the construction and the detail, the theatricality of his shows is something that I’ve always loved. SB: Where do you find inspiration?
Most of it comes from travel. I’m constantly taking pictures. Just being in new places. I took a vacation to Turkey and just the amoung of color your’e exposed to, and different cultures, I think is pretty inspiring. Just like going to a spice market and you see all these great colors; or you go to the grand bazaar or the blue mosque, and just picking up… I don’t even know if something directly comes from that. But just being exposed to it, I think, is constantly keeping your senses going.

This last trip to Turkey was probably one of my favorites. And I would say that I always love Paris.
SB: What do you think of celebrity fashion designers?
There are some that are really talented and actually work at it and put the days in at the office, who don’t just show up and sign a “yes.” Those are the ones that I respect. And then there are ones that, you know, take the great opportunity to have a different income stream and everyone benefits. It just depends on what you want out of it. I just tend to respect those who are behind it and working. What will you be wearing this fall?
All my stuff! All my new apparel. We have great leather, we have shearling, and we have some really fun plaid this season. I placed an order for myself so hopefully I’m just gonna clothes myself in my stuff this season.
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