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Princess Diana's style truly redefined what it meant to dress as a royal, switching from posh and elegant one day to envelope-pushing and trendy the next. The Princess of Wales had more than a few memorable fashion moments thanks to her impeccable taste and ability to pull off any look seamlessly. And while her outfits will be admired for years to come, we can't forget to mention the legacy she left behind thanks to her dedication and passionate work regarding humanitarian issues. 

Ever since she announced her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981, the princess attended the most glamorous galas, made impactful visits to other countries, and met with other world leaders — all while she was dressed in the chicest ensembles. One major sartorial moment included her royal wedding where she wore an unforgettable gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. We also can't forget to mention her adoration of bright colors, satin fabric, and polka-dot prints, of course.

Ahead, we gathered Princess Diana's most iconic outfits, take a look.