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Emma Stone's Modern Marcel
Emma Stone's sweet 'do was popular back in the 1920s and 30s, but she modernized it by making looser, less precise waves. (This is certainly great news for any of us wanting to duplicate her look.) Instead of adding lots of gel to wet hair, creating the finger waves and sitting under a bonnet dryer like our grandmothers did, thankfully we can use curling irons. Begin by making a deep side part and comb hair straight down on both sides. The Marcel wave is formed by taking a medium-barreled curling iron and clamping down vertically on hair near the scalp while taking a hard rubber comb and laying the teeth directly on the scalp right under the iron. Keeping the comb's teeth in contact with the scalp, gently tug tresses away from the face to create a backwards 'c' formation. The next step is to move the curling iron and comb down to where the 'c' ends. Repeat the process, only slide the comb forward to create a normal 'c'. Keep working your way down sections the width of the iron, making backward 'c', normal 'c', backward 'c'...When you've waved all the hair, collect tresses in side ponytail behind one ear, twist and pin into place. To ensure your waves are maintained, spritz on a generous amount of hairspray.
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