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We applaud when celebs wear unique ensembles on the red carpet that showcase their playful personality and quirky sense of style. After all, it's easy to play it safe and go with what's fashionable at the moment. It's another story when stars are willing to take big swings and choose an unexpected design. 

For instance, Nicole Kidman's parrot-inspired Gucci gown at the 2017 SAG Awards turned heads in the best way. And we're pretty sure that Rihanna's entire wardrobe can be considered daring. These are just two stars who aren't afraid to try something new on the red carpet.  
There are plenty of stars who love to pick show-stopping gowns that will go down in Hollywood red carpet history. After all, even the misses are worth remembering. Click through to see the most eye-catching looks that made for unforgettable red carpet moments.