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We're all about celebrities sharing their beauty secrets — including their more unconventional ones. And these celebrity beauty hacks are no joke: From Emma Stone's grocery store oils to Miranda Kerr's DIY spoon eyelash curler, we've rounded up the wackiest tips and tricks you need to try ASAP. 

The best part about these celebrity beauty hacks is that you don't have to shell out big bucks for the usual pricey eye cream or luxurious shampoo and conditioner. In fact, a lot of these celeb beauty hacks involve household items such as ice cubes, toothbrushes, and even potatoes. Yes, you read that correctly, potatoes.

Although these beauty tricks may not be the most normal suggestions, we're always down for fun — and cheap — alternatives when it comes to switching up our beauty routine. And if we're going to listen to anyone share beauty advice, it would definitely be from stars who walk the red carpet as part of their jobs and are constantly in the makeup chair surrounded by the industry's best makeup artists.

Kate Hudson even shared that her makeup artist was the one who taught her a weird celeb beauty hack, while Jessica Chastain's beauty advice came from a fellow actress. Fair warning: Some of these celeb beauty hacks are a little extreme — like using Coca Cola as shampoo, no big deal. But, at the end of the day, if we can save time and money on something that will help our hair look shinier and our lashes longer, we're open to trying it. 

Although, we may have to draw the line at getting our blood sucked by leeches (you do you, Demi Moore). Read on to see what other wacky advice your favorite stars shared when it comes to their beauty hacks. Who knows, maybe you'll add freezing ice masks to your routine, too.