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Something incredible happened over the weekend and unless you've been living under a rock far away from a world of Internet memes, you've probably heard about this adorable little fellow—aka the "IKEA Monkey"—by now.

For those who haven't, this seven-month-old monkey was found strolling around a Toronto IKEA store on Sunday wearing, get this—his "favorite coat." (We can only assume this means he has a whole wardrobe full of plush shearling pea coats, right?)

This is no monkey business, though. Finding the perfect cold-weather attire for your cuddly critter is no walk in the IKEA park. From your own Curious George to your little lady, uh, rat, fret not, we've got you—and them!—covered.

Dying to buy a similar topper for your monkey? Burberry's Little Girl's Shearling Toggle Coat ($626.50 at Saks.com) should do the trick, because, we're sorry to say, they don't really make designer coats for monkeys. (Even though they so should...)
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