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When we think of '90s fashion, #stylegoals isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. There are trends that we'd rather see stay in that decade (see: bucket hats and bedazzled crop-tops), but thanks to our favorite '90s It girls, there are a few outfits we would copy in a heartbeat. 

And since '90s fashion is making a comeback with today's current It girls (the Hadids and Jenners, for example), it's hard not to acknowledge the trends that were born from the nostalgic era that we can see ourselves wearing. Iconic pieces like the slip dress, leather pants, and moto jackets are just a few of the looks that we would gladly add to our sartorial repertoire. 

Ahead, take a look at the throwback fashion moments that feature outfits we can't seem to quit. From cozy gray turtlenecks (hi, Cameron Diaz) to slinky cami dresses (we see you, J.Lo), you won't want to miss these '90s ensembles.